Galerie und Atelier Schiel

In our gallery in the Bövergeest you are very welcome. In this brightly lightened room you will only discover works of mine exclusively. External galleries do not have my works.

It is a good idea to make a reservation by calling the number 0049-4863-3086 before your visit, or you can just take a chance and drop by. If you have never entered my gallery before, you will find that there is a relaxed atmosphere in our rooms.

You won´t have the feeling of having to buy something. Good mood on your part and the willingness of my wife Ingrid and me to lead a nice conversation is something we take for granted. If you have technical questions, such as “How do you make a mezzotint plate”, I am gladly at your disposal as an artist. Please take into account that this can only be explained to a limited extent, as the period for this has to be restricted. Nevertheless you will be sufficiently informed. In such cases I presume your understanding. My major events “How to create an etching/copper engraving”, which I have done once a week in schools, museums and in my studio for over 30 years, are over now.

Erhard Schiel beim Kupferstich

You can view or purchase my works such as color engravings and copper engravings, drawings, watercolors, pencil drawings, oil paintings and much more. The exhibition in my gallery is changing constantly, which accounts for the special appeal when you visit several times. We are delighted to welcome visitors who are interested in art as well as closer friends, often former customers that feel connected to my work. My wife is a lot better than me at many things. Often I am in danger of talking too much making some visitors happy and others not. I personally enjoy a lot when small children, for example the preschool children of our local kindergarden, ask questions – questions that are never ambiguous, but always open and honest. These encounters are a real therapy for me. “If you have your childhood with you, you will not get older”, said Goethe.

Ingrid und Erhard Schiel

It is important for me to point out that my wife Ingrid must also cope with many unsightly things of everyday life, e.g. office work etc. etc. . I thank her much too little. Now, many people know me and they know that I am not aloof. Here I hope that new art-loving visitors will feel the same.

Ausschnitt Galerie Ölbilder
Ausschnitt Galerie Radierungen
Ausschnitt Galerie Ölbilder